Product Development

R&D Capabilities for Product Development

From product designing to developing prototypes, the R&D covers entire spectrum of product development. Advanced Engineering software are used for designing and analysis.

Vehicle condition is simulated for testing of products for performance and durability. Prototypes are built for preliminary trials for Fit, Form and Function.



  • Innovative Concepts
  • Low cost, high integration strategy
  • Design for manufacture and assembly




  • Computer Aided Engineering
  • System Performance Modeling
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Project Management




  • Mechanical Development
  • Performance Development
  • Engine Management System
  • Calibration
  • Validation




  • Sourcing, Purchasing, Inspection
  • Vendor Quality Management
  • Custom Automation




Electronics & Controls

UCAL has a legacy in automobile electronics and controls pertaining to Engine Management System.

Following are the capabilities of UCAL in Electronics and controls:

Electronic Hardware

  • Designing and validation of production quality hardware
  • Rapid Prototyping of Hardware
  • EMC/RFI compliant Hardware Design
  • Design for harsh environments, cost down and warranty
  • Power electronics architecture and component design

Control Concepts

  • Control system design, Development and validation
  • ‘Hardware in the loop’ systems
  • Model based Prototyping Tools
  • Algorithm Development for Engine management
  • Post Treatment
  • OBD


  • Production software experience in Gasoline Engine Management, Diesel Emission Management.