Machining & Assembly Facilities

Manufacture of products at UCAL Fuel Systems Ltd., is by precise and controlled processes to ensure minimal tolerances and superior finish. All our manufacturing facilities are equipped with most advanced machinery. We produce only the bests as required by our customers.

Our company has nearly 634 machines which include all facilities, across divisions, viz., manufacturing areas, utility rooms and R&D machines. Some of these are considered critical machines like Boring machines, Gang drilling Machines, SPM machines, ultrasonic machines, Rotary transfer machines, and CNC machines among others. The current facilities include Quality Standards Room and Calibration facilities.

UCAL group has a set up a full-fledged testing and inspection facility, one of the largest of its kind in the industry. Our facilities ensure that the products and services exceed customer’s expectation, every time they are delivered.

Machining and Assembly facility

Machine Model Make No. of Units
Special Purpose machines with Auto drill fitting / tapping mechanism Sugino & In house Fabricated 25
CNC / Tapping Machining Center, BT-30 spindle Brother, Sugino, NTC, Argo & Chiron 37
CNC / Tapping Machining Center, BT-40 spindle Haas, USA 1
Special Purpose Washing Machine In house Fabricated 10
Special Purpose assembly equipments for press fitting and tightening In house Fabricated 25
Special Purpose end product test equipment In house Fabricated 16
Automatic Copper brazing furnace conveyorised Dynatech, Mumbai 4
Filter making special purpose machines UMT, India 7