Precision Machined Products

UCAL has over 20 years of experience in high pressure and vacuum die casting for both aluminum and zinc. With our state of art facilities at Maraimalai Nagar and Pondicherry, we have developed in house capabilities in handling multiple alloys, deeply understand our customer requirement and provide the best solution in terms of process and technology to make the component.

For Al: Product Weight: Upto 2 kg. Machine tonnage: 180 - 900 tonnage of locking force

For Zn: Machine tonnage: 185 - 250 tonnage of locking force

Technology & Special Features
Our state-of-the-art ferrous machining facility can perform some specific operations including Gun Drilling, Induction Hardening, Magnetic Crack Detection, Centreless Grinding, Flat milling, Agular drilling, castle milling, Gear hobbing & Shaping machines beside some regular operations using CNC lathe and VMC machines.

We also have inspection equipments and support facilities befitting an international component supplier

Tier I: Amtec precision products
Tier II: Cummins, GM, Allison Transmission



Shaft Second Clutch

Application : Tranmission System

Material : SAE 1035 Steel tubes

Housing Spring Injector

Application : Diesel Fuel Injection

Material : SAE 8620 Steel bar


Transmission Shaft

Application : Power Transmission

Material : SAE 4140 (forging)

Rocker Arm Shaft

Application : Rocker Arm

Material : SAE 1045


Body Injector

Application : Diesel Fuel Injection

Material : Ovako 326C Steel Rod