It is the right synergy that we are able to create by our incisive knowledge of the industry; the key processes and our worldwide resources that enabled us to get the right Human resources and the advanced technologies helped us to achieve exceptional results for our customers. We have been able to build differentiated leadership and cutting edge operations through integration of knowledge and expertise shared from across our entire worldwide network. All our units are certified to pertinent ISO standards which validate the existence and working of effective system. The processes are monitored and controlled through stringent Internal and External Audits for their effective functioning.

The various certifications obtained by the company are

IATF 16949 Certificate - Plant 1

IATF 16949 Certificate - Plant 6

IATF 16949 Certificate - Plant 10

EMS & OHSAS Certificate (P1, P2, P6 & P10)

ISO9001 - 2015 Certificate for P7 TR)